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They look like monsters
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Legit one of the scariest parts of this game.

my heart beats so fast just looking at this shit


Silent Hill Shattered Memories - Meeting Michelle Variations

—-Always on my mind

Michelle has two possible personality variations. She is equally friendly in both of them, though she does show feelings of disdain toward her former principal when her personality type is the latter.


In the gymnasium, Michelle walks onto the stage, sits in a chair and softly sings “Always on My Mind” with peaceful piano music in the background. When she sees Harry, she gets off the stage by herself.

In the principal’s office, Michelle and Harry find the door already unlocked. Michelle says “Sorry, Ms. Albright.” At the computer, Michelle says “Hey, I didn’t need to cheat.”


In the gymnasium, Michelle walks with a strut and sings “Always on My Mind” confidently with techno music accompaniment. When she sees Harry, she asks him to catch her.

In the principal’s office, Michelle and Harry find the door locked and Michelle takes a card out of her purse and swipes it through the door to unlock it. Michelle says “Evening, Ms. Albright… you cow.” At the computer, Michelle says “Hey, I was good at school.”


A toast to all the lonely souls wandering the streets in this freezing weather. May they find what they are looking for.

—Michelle drinking with Harry


Conceptual character art of Michelle Valdez from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a re-imagining of Silent Hill 1. It’s quite different from the rest of the series but I found it creepy and actually pretty sad. The psychiatrist segments were a great narrative element.

Check out more Silent Hill: Shattered Memories concept art here.

Have you ever tried to perform an astral projection?
I’m kinda interested about it lately, i’ve read about it but i’ve never tried it…
I’ll be really pleased if you want to share your opinion on this matter…

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It starts with one black thought.


Idc I ship Alex and Heather so much yo.


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Heather fanart because fucking Silent Hill. ♡


I saw Hideo Kojima at walmart. He was getting references of grotesque monster for his new Silent Hills.


Forgive me Lisa, but there is a monster inside me. 


The last couple of days made me forget how hopeless i feel sometimes….
*In the last one i was running out of tea… It was a fine tea…*

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